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What is the Episcopal Church?

The Episcopal Church is part of the Anglican Communion, a worldwide fellowship of national churches with historic roots in England. We are part of the Diocese of New Hampshire which encompasses fifty parishes in the state. Our diocesan headquarters and bishop reside in the capitol city of Concord.

The history and heritage of the Episcopal Church are unique, but our roots are in the earliest days of Christianity. We are Catholic, holding to the faith and practice of the Apostles: the Creeds, the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Eucharist, Holy Scripture and the threefold ordained ministries of deacons, priests and bishops who are in continual Apostolic succession from St. Peter to our present Bishop.

We are also Protestant, expressing many of the principles of the sixteenth century Reformation, when the Church of England declared itself a self-governing body within the Holy Catholic Church independent of the Papacy. These principles include: A renewed emphasis on Holy Scripture through systematic public reading, a desire for a personal relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior, worship in the language of the people, and lay participation in church governance and leadership.

How long has St. John’s been around?

We were founded in 1877 as a mission of the Diocese of New Hampshire. We were formally designated an independent parish in 1961.

How can I become further involved in the life, prayer and work of St. John’s?

Many ways exist for you to be involved in the life of this congregation:

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