An important part of our Christian life and ministry is supporting activities or organizations that are close to your heart through donations. Donations can take the form of time and talent or monetary contributions. Or you may wish to donate in memory of a loved one. If you’d like to help out in any of the following ways, we’d be grateful for your help.

To EpiscoGolf

Contributions are welcome to the Episcogolf program. You can contribute by sponsoring a hole or playing in the tournament. You can contribute your time and talent by working on the EpiscoGolf committee. To contribute in any way, contact David Moberg (603) 522-6597.

To the Thrift & Gift Shop

Contributions of clothing, shoes, toys or other items in good condition may be taken to the Thrift Shop in the basement of the Parish Hall during working hours.

To the Wakefield Food Pantry

Contributions of non-perishable food may be made to the Wakefield Food Pantry by placing all items in the basket at the back of the church and they will be taken to the Food Pantry. Envelopes are available in the entry vestibule or narthex of the church if you would like to send a monetary contribution to the Food Pantry.  Please place monetary contributions in the offering plate or leave them in the church office."

To the Parish

Contributions may be made to the Parish by depositing your offering in the plate on Sundays. If you are a regular giver, we would prefer that you pledge a fixed amount weekly or monthly during our annual stewardship drive in May. In that way, we know how much income we will have to support our annual budget. Quarterly pledge statements will be provided for pledge giving. Envelopes will be provided automatically for pledge giving or on request for plate giving.

To the Rector’s Discretionary Fund

Contributions may be made to the Rector’s Discretionary Fund which is a fund to be used for emergency needs for people in the parish or the community. Funds will be dispersed by the Rector at his discretion.

To St. John’s Community Day School

Contributions may be made to St. John’s Community Day School by contacting Annette Patch at (603) 522-8351 or by mailing your contribution to St. John’s Community Day School at PO Box 249, Sanbornville, NH 03872. Volunteers are welcomed who would like to do activities with the children such as reading, art, music or just holding babies!
If you are interested, contact Annette Patch at 522-8351.

We give in grateful thanks to God